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Honolulu's Renovated IBM Building Is Truly an Icon

Historic_IBM_Building_Honolulu Iconic IBM Building in Honolulu Hawaii



Honolulu's Renovated IBM Building Is Truly an Icon

Now the compelling centerpiece for a slate of Ward Village development projects, the building connects the area's celebrated past with a bright future.

Sometimes fitting in means making a conscious effort to stand out. That might as well be the mantra of Honolulu's iconic IBM Building. Originally the ultimate outsider, now thanks to a lavish renovation this architectural Modernist masterpiece is certified as an authentic hometown hero.



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Your Own Luxury Private Cinema


 Paradise Theater project in Kohanaiki, Big Island Hawaii

More Paradise in Park Lane with Exquisite Luxury Private Cinema Experience

It’s time to celebrate! Bringing everyone together now means more than ever. So, you carefully make the guest list, call the caterer, and maybe obsess a bit over the décor. As you sit back and plan, you stare at the ceiling and wonder what you can do to take this experience over the top. 

If you live in Park Lane Ala Moana, the premiere luxury residential development in Honolulu, you’re in luck. 

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Why Should I Work with a Smart Home Designer?


Blueprint Unveils Our Process for Incorporating Technology into Your Hawaiian Home

Having a professional on your side is always a good idea, whether you’re having your car inspected, boat serviced, or house painted. So why do so many homeowners think it makes sense to use DIY solutions when customizing their smart home? 

Luckily, a professional smart home designer is your partner for all things related to home technology solutions. We manage the details of your projects and coordinate with other tradespeople so you don’t have to. Plus, we won’t leave you high and dry to figure things out once everything is installed.

Keep reading below to discover why Blueprint is the premier smart home designer and installer on the Islands.

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Meet Blueprint - Your Honolulu Home Lighting Company


Wow Your Guests with the Ultimate Smart Home Partner in Hawaii

Every homeowner wants their home to look its best, no matter the time of day or season. Imagine the lighting throughout your Honolulu property responding to the tap of your finger on a smart device. Suddenly the yard is bathed in illuminating light for an outdoor party, while interior spaces feel cozy and relaxed. Another swipe and lights dim to the perfect setting for a romantic dinner for two. And without a second thought from you, your perfectly curated art collection and decor look as vibrant as the designer and artist intended them to be seen.

Grand entries, exciting parties, jaw-dropping outdoor views, and stunning artwork are achievable if you partner with a professional home lighting company like Blueprint. Read our blog below to discover what a team of lighting and automation experts can help you achieve in your Hawaiian home - keep scrolling below.

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