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Network Upgrades Keep Your Hawaiian Home Running Smoothly


Presentations, Homework & Entertainment Are All Improved with the Proper Networking Setup

Staying connected has never been easier, that is, as long as you have the proper tools. Practically everything we do these days requires a certain level of connectivity, from our smartwatches and tablets to our security alarms and home control systems.

A new or expanded home network supports the speed and security of all the connected devices in your Honolulu-area home and leaves your family communicating better than ever before. Keep reading below to learn how network upgrades can improve your modern Hawaiian lifestyle.

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Network Services Keep Your Home Office Connected


Let Blueprint Take the Guesswork Out of Networking Setups

If you’re like 69% of U.S. employees, you likely worked remotely from home during the peak of the pandemic. Many Hawaiian employees are still working from home, either part-time or full-time, depending on their employer’s requirements, and a hybrid work environment is simply the reality for businesses across the globe. Employers and employees alike have had to adapt to this modern work environment with increased video calls and more flexible work hours.

To ensure you don’t drop out of a video conferencing call during the middle of a big sales presentation and that you can easily download important files when you’re working from home, home network services from Blueprint can keep you connected when it matters most! Take a look below to learn how to revamp your Big Island remote office with technologies that create the ultimate work-from-home experience.

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Are You Spending More Time at Home? Upgrade Your Network!


Let’s face it - many of us have spent more time in our Hawaii home than we have the last several summers combined, and the rest of the year doesn’t look much different. Businesses have allowed many of us to transition to remote work, at least a few days per week, and many schools have added virtual options for learning.

With all of these dynamic changes, your network connection has likely suffered. You may have noticed some dropped video conference calls or buffering symbols while streaming your favorite music and videos. These are symptoms of a strained home network, and that’s where Blueprint can help. Keep reading to learn how a network upgrade can benefit your Kaua’i-area home.

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