Prepare Your Clients’ Homes for an Invisible Speaker System


Proper Planning & Installation Are Key for Hidden Technology Solutions

At Blueprint, we love working alongside other trades to craft beautiful new homes for clients. Integrating automation and smart home technologies such as lighting control, Hi-Fi sound systems, and Palladiom shades makes homeowners happy and create a luxurious living experience.

We work with builders and architects to create perfect Hawaiian properties by planning for wiring, installation points, and considering the big-picture of how technology will fit into the overarching home design.

Keep reading below to learn about one home audio feature Blueprint can incorporate into new and retrofit projects – an invisible speaker system!

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Top 3 Ways to Enjoy an Outdoor Speaker System


The Holidays Are Here – Consider a New or Upgraded Entertainment Area for Yourself!

It’s that time of year again. The temperatures are falling in other parts of the country, but we’re lucky to have beautiful temperate weather practically all year in Hawaii. The season of back-to-back holidays is upon us, too, with lots of fabulous meals and gift-giving opportunities. But what about treating yourself to a gift this year as well? And it’s not only a gift for you – it’s a gift for all of your family and friends!

With a new or upgraded outdoor speaker system, you can enjoy crystal clear audio entertainment from every corner of the yard. Keep reading below to learn three ways you and your loved ones can enjoy your Maui-area backyard more than ever before!

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Check Out How Sonance Outdoor Speakers Can Liven Up Your Exteriors

Your outdoor entertainment quality rests entirely on how your outdoor solutions perform and function. If you have outdoor TVs that simply don’t cut it in the hot summer sun, then you’re out of luck for a midday movie marathon on the back porch. And the same goes for your landscape speakers!

Your Hawaiian backyard needs speakers you can rely on for a plethora of outside activities and occasions. Bring on the best, most trusted brand to your Kauai-area property: Sonance speakers can provide top-notch sound in a durable, long-lasting package.

Ready to take your outdoor spaces to a new level with a Sonance outdoor speaker system you can depend on? Keep reading below for more.

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The Sonance Level of Quality

For outdoor sound like no other, Sonance speakers and subwoofers deliver in every way. As a premier landscape audio brand, Sonance takes both style and functionality into consideration when designing products. With audio equipment and solutions that don’t impede your existing décor and outdoor surroundings, you can focus solely on the impeccable sound your speakers will produce.

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Outdoor Speaker Systems Blend in with Your Entire Backyard


Bringing music to your outdoor spaces is the perfect way to liven up your backyard and to get the most out of relaxing in the fresh air while you are home. But what if you don’t want bulky eyesores cluttering up your pathways and gardens as you walk about or sit and enjoy your media outside? Adding an outdoor speaker system shouldn’t mean wrecking your Honolulu backyard décor.

With Sonance Landscape Series speakers, you can experience top-notch sound while still maintaining your exterior design. Want to find out more about this audio solution? Read on below to learn how you can add these speakers to your Hawaii outdoor spaces.

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