Add These Award Winners to Your Home Audio Setup


We incorporate high-performance products into our Hawaiian clients’ homes every day at Blueprint. For AV installations, it’s important for us to carefully design and implement an audio/video setup that meets your needs and raises the bar on the entertainment factor.

Some of our favorite brands have gone above and beyond the competition and have won awards from top industry publications. Read on below for three award-winning brands you should consider adding to your Kona-area home’s HiFi sound system.

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Experience the High-End Audio Difference at Blueprint


There’s nothing like the first time you hear high-end audio. The detail. The clarity. It’s like you’re listening to your favorite tracks for the first time all over again. At Blueprint, we’re Honolulu’s leader in high-end audio solutions for all of your acoustic needs. Whether you’ve worked with us before as Bang & Olufsen Honolulu or Blueprint Audio Visual, or you’re a friend we haven’t met yet, we want to welcome you to experience the high-end audio difference for yourself at our new showroom. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know to start your journey to a better sound system today.

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