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Blueprint Hawai`i Has Partnered with!

Learn What Josh Voice Control Can Bring to Your Home & Lifestyle

Blueprint Hawaii Has Partnered with!

A fully integrated smart home needs smart technologies that cater to your every need. However, without a centralized system, you’re left with products and devices that operate well but without any synchronization or ability to adapt to each other or your preferences.

Blueprint Hawai`i is proud to announce that we have partnered with the luxurious, voice-controlled home automation system,! With, you can bring all your smart home solutions together in your Hawai`i property. Josh aims to personalize your smart home to fit your day-to-day routine and enhance your overall lifestyle. Learn more about the many benefits of this system by reading on below.

Elevate Your Hotel with Guestroom Management Technology

Bring Efficiency to Your Hospitality Space with This Commercial Smart System

Elevate Your Hotel with Guestroom Management Technology

The guests’ experience at your hotel or resort is the pinnacle of your business. To have patrons return and spread the word about your Kauai business, you need a luxurious environment that caters to the guests’ needs and whims. With guestroom technology, you can take your hospitality space to the next level.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what this commercial system does for your Hawai`i getaway and how it’ll keep your guests coming back for moretime and time again. Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Have a Home Cinema

The Best Home Theater Upgrades to Elevate Your Viewing Experiences Further

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Have a Home Cinema

As the world continues to stay inside, now is the perfect time to make your Hawai`i home the coziest, most inviting place to be. And it’s never been a more optimal time to enjoy your smart home systems – and your custom home theater!

You can take even more advantage of your home cinema with impressive home theater upgrades. Make the most of new streaming media content and host the ultimate movie night with your family every day of the week!

Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

Experience Your High-Fidelity Audio with Sonance – Don’t See It!

Sonance’s Invisible Speakers Deliver Quality Sound via Hidden Installations

Experience Your High-Fidelity Audio with Sonance – Don’t See It!

When you imagine bringing whole home audio to every room and corner of your Honolulu home, you might wonder what that means for added audio equipment. Bulky standing speakers or smaller ones on shelves might still not mesh as well with the rest of your existing décor like you would prefer. How can you experience high-fidelity sound throughout your Hawai`i property without cluttering your rooms or disrupting their interior design?

Sonance’s Invisible Series speakers are made for these desired architectural audio scenarios. You can still maintain your perfected interior design and listen to your favorite tunes and media in every and any part of your home with Sonance’s Invisible Series at just the press of a button. Find out more about this luxury brand’s hidden audio by reading on below!