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Articles in Category: Multi-Room Audio

Are you looking to add a multi-room audio system to your Hawai`i home or business? Get to know Blueprint and our custom audio installation services today!  

What Does Multi-Room Audio Look Like?

Stylish designs and invisible components mean plenty of aesthetically pleasing options

What Does Multi-Room Audio Look Like?

Why would you invest in a multi-room audio system? Simple: you want to listen to your favorite music anywhere in your Honolulu home. And you don’t want to hear a drop in quality or volume when you move to the living room, kitchen, or backyard.

A multi-room audio system helps you stream music to every room, making it perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying the surrounding beauty of your Hawaiian property. Of course, you don’t want to disrupt the look of your space with clunky speakers in every room. So, how can you enjoy a system that looks great and sounds stunning? Keep reading to find out.

The Benefits of a Professional Multi-Room Audio Installation

Experience the Luxury of High-Fidelity Music Throughout Your Home

The Benefits of a Professional Multi-Room Audio Installation

Everyone loves music. Whether you’re listening to Big Island classics or the latest chart-topping hits, you want a home audio system that will sound great no matter where you are in your house.

But achieving epic audio isn’t as easy as it sounds – it takes precision, skill, and craftsmanship to install a multi-room audio system that delivers on the promise of high-fidelity sound. That’s why you should work with Hawai`i’s high-end audio experts: Blueprint.

Here, we’ll show you how you can get the most out of a professionally installed multi-room audio system at your Hawai`i home – whether on the Big Island or anywhere else in the state.