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3 Must-Have Features for A Restaurant’s Commercial Audio System Setup

What Does Your Dining Space Need? We Dive into Top Sound Solutions

3 Must-Have Features for A Restaurant’s Commercial Audio System Setup

How guests experience your Honolulu restaurant is the make-or-break point on whether they return for another dine-in or not. It all comes down to what your space’s atmosphere feels and looks like. You want an environment that pulls customers in and makes them want to come back again and again.

While your interior design and menu play an incredibly important role in this process, your restaurant’s sound system is significantly important as well. Don’t compromise when it comes to your commercial audio system! In this blog, we’ll show you how different sound features and setups can take your Hawai`i space’s dining atmosphere to a new level.

Keep reading below to find out more.

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A Multi-Zone Audio Setup

Your restaurant dining layout might be simplistic or it may have different areas meant to cater to patrons’ unique preferences. From a louder bar area and calmer, main seating space to a lively outdoor patio and private party rooms – your spaces require audio and soundscapes that match the needs of these various areas.

With multi-zone audio, you can manage and control the media and volume in individual rooms and areas of your restaurant. This makes it easy to switch songs per a guest’s request or to set the mood needed for each separate space. You can choose to change up the playlist in every specific area or play the same song throughout your building but at varying levels that match the ambiance of each location.

Professional Speaker Installation and Placement

Don’t simply place a speaker overhead your bar area or near a central table in the main dining space. What your restaurant requires is speaker placement and installment that benefits every single guest. You need proper audio distribution that only a team of experts can provide. Our integrators at Blueprint know how to install the right number of speakers that are simultaneously unobtrusive and that evenly distribute high-end audio throughout your space.

With proper angling and balanced coverage that reaches every corner, your speakers and sound system will deliver crystal-clear audio that everyone can enjoy. For this type of setup, you also need to know which brands you can trust. When it comes to quality and performance, we highly recommend Meyer Sound solutions for your restaurant sound system. Our team will always offer trusted products and technologies for your audio or any kind of system your space requires.

Complete Control from A Centralized Source

No matter how many audio zones your restaurant has, you want managing your system to be easy and accessible for everyone on your staff. Switching songs or lowering the volume shouldn’t be an added hassle!

With a completely centralized control system for your audio, you and your employees can operate every zone and speaker from one single smart device – without ever disrupting your guests. Simply use a tablet or display screen make every adjustment needed with only one tap of a button.

Want to enhance your restaurant sound setup for your patrons’ enjoyment and overall experience? Our team at Blueprint knows exactly how to install the best commercial audio system for your space – give us a call or fill out our online contact form to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!