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Advanced Digital Signage Solutions for Your Hotel or Resort

Planar Displays Improve Your Commercial Space’s Atmosphere

Advanced Digital Signage Solutions for Your Hotel or Resort

If you are in the hospitality industry, you know that creating the ultimate atmosphere for your hotel or resort guests throughout their stay is key. How your Honolulu commercial space makes your guests feel is the very foundation of their entire experience.

Commercial digital signage solutions can shape your resort not only to guide and entertain guests but also to liven up every area. Want to learn how these features from the trusted brand Planar can elevate your Hawai`i hotel? Just keep reading on below.

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What Can Digital Signage Do for Your Space?

Digital displays have two main points of use at your resort: for either entertainment and visual aesthetics, or to inform and direct. When guests arrive to see stunning video walls and video screens that showcase what your resort and its surroundings have to offer, you’re immersing them in your luxurious and inviting environment from the get-go.

Create video mosaics, stream promotional content, or even display moving art on vividly bright screens to draw in guests’ attention or to provide a nice backdrop for a lobby or waiting area.

On the other hand, digital signage can be incredibly informative. Wayfinding is a major benefit of digital displays; however, where you place these screens has everything to do with just how beneficial they’ll be. After strategic installations throughout your hotel, your signage can guide guests and offer them directions at integral parts of your space – from the entryway and front desk to the winding hallways and outdoor areas.

But you need to be able to rely on these video displays so that your guests, in turn, can depend on them day in and day out as well. That’s why Planar is the brand we recommend for your digital signage solutions. Check out their products below as we dive into their specific features.

Planar Display Features

High-end video screens make a world of difference for how your guests enjoy and take in your digital display setups. With Planar, a leading brand in the electronic displays industry, you can choose from LED and LCD screens and video walls to fit your sizing and location preferences.

For wayfinding purposes, the Planar 4K series offers stunning visuals and playback that make reading and differentiating between images a breeze. No more squinting or confusion for anyone involved.

Want to get creative with how you display media and information? Planar’s Mosaic Architectural series lets you completely control how your screen displays appear, meaning you can get as imaginative as you’d like. Inspired Mosaic displays are made up of LCD video tiles that can be rearranged into different formations that are a new take on a standard “video wall.” Plus, the tiles incorporate LED backlight technology that is both energy-saving and visually pleasing.

Want to learn more about top-quality digital signage solutions for your Honolulu hotel or resort? Our team at Blueprint has got you covered. Give us a call  at (808) 797-3200 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!