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Blueprint Hawai`i Has Partnered with!

Learn What Josh Voice Control Can Bring to Your Home & Lifestyle

Blueprint Hawaii Has Partnered with!

A fully integrated smart home needs smart technologies that cater to your every need. However, without a centralized system, you’re left with products and devices that operate well but without any synchronization or ability to adapt to each other or your preferences.

Blueprint Hawai`i is proud to announce that we have partnered with the luxurious, voice-controlled home automation system,! With, you can bring all your smart home solutions together in your Hawai`i property. Josh aims to personalize your smart home to fit your day-to-day routine and enhance your overall lifestyle. Learn more about the many benefits of this system by reading on below.

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Easy to Use for the Whole Family

Voice control should only simplify your everyday life. ensures that using it on a daily basis will feel effortless for everyone in your family. Young and old can simply ask Josh for what they need, and Josh will hear and comply. There’s no need to speak to Josh in robotic or rigid tones. Speak as though you were chatting with a friend – Josh listens and understands!

Smart & Secure

One of the bigger issues homeowners tend to have with voice control systems is their invasion of privacy. If you’re concerned with keeping what is said in your home safe and secure, you can completely rely on Josh. Josh is smart and adapts to your needs and preferences – but the data that Josh learns is never shared, sold, or used for third-party advertising. You have total control over how much information Josh collects. Personalize your system with ease from your own smart tablet – it’s that easy to ensure your peace of mind. You can always trust that the words you say are only being used to make your at-home lifestyle better for you and your family.

Integrates Your Whole Home Seamlessly

Just by hearing you speak, learns how to better your smart home experience with every command. Josh integrates the best luxury brands together into one cohesive and centralized smart home system. There won’t be a single device that is left out of this whole-home integration.

Without intruding on your routine or asking you for information, Josh learns patterns and improves your experience. The more you speak to and interact with Josh, the more at home you’ll feel in your personalized environment. Let’s say you ask for the motorized shades to lower at noonor want music turned on while you prepare dinner. Josh will take note!

By bringing together all your smart home solutions, Josh can also enhance your home wellness as well. When Josh integrates circadian lighting, air-quality sensors, immersive audio, and more into your daily lifestyle, you’ll notice how much they benefit your physical and mental health. guarantees a smart home setup that meets your needs at all times.

Want to learn more about our new partnership with and how this smart voice control system can transform your lifestyle? Give our team at Blueprint Hawai`i a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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