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Check Out How Sonance Outdoor Speakers Can Liven Up Your Exteriors

Sonance Sound Solutions for Your Whole Backyard & Curb

Check Out How Sonance Outdoor Speakers Can Liven Up Your Exteriors

Your outdoor entertainment quality rests entirely on how your outdoor solutions perform and function. If you have outdoor TVs that simply don’t cut it in the hot summer sun, then you’re out of luck for a midday movie marathon on the back porch. And the same goes for your landscape speakers!

Your Hawaiian backyard needs speakers you can rely on for a plethora of outside activities and occasions. Bring on the best, most trusted brand to your Kaua`i-area property: Sonance speakers can provide top-notch sound in a durable, long-lasting package.

Ready to take your outdoor spaces to a new level with a Sonance outdoor speaker system you can depend on? Keep reading below for more.

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The Sonance Level of Quality

For outdoor sound like no other, Sonance speakers and subwoofers deliver in every way. As a premier landscape audio brand, Sonance takes both style and functionality into consideration when designing products. With audio equipment and solutions that don’t impede your existing décor and outdoor surroundings, you can focus solely on the impeccable sound your speakers will produce.

Landscape speakers and subwoofers are easily installed throughout your yard and exteriors, providing even coverage across the property and generating a powerful bass with each playback. It’s high-end auditory performance with subtle, non-intrusive fixtures throughout your outdoor areas.

Plus, Sonance speaker systems are completely scalable and easily expanded upon. Start with an installation around just your patio or porch area then extend to the far corners of your backyard at a later date. Durable, weather-resistant materials make Sonance products long-term and unsusceptible to inclement weather, flooding, and extreme temperatures. You’ll have solutions that perform as they should now and well down the road.

A Good Time for Every Activity

Sonance brings high-fidelity audio quality to your outdoor spaces – but how can you best optimize your speaker system?

Whether you want to utilize your system for movies or music, there are endless ways to take advantage of your setup. Host an impromptu family movie night by the pool and set up chairs and seating all around the area - everyone is guaranteed to hear the film when you have landscape speakers evenly distributed throughout your yard.

If you’re grilling up food or putting on tunes to jam out to for a party, your speakers can keep the mood and spirits high with crystal-clear audio throughout the day and well into the night. Simply pick up your smartphone or device to pause, play, or skip a song. Even search for a playlist or album easily with just a tap of a button.

Want to relax with a podcast or audiobook out on the deck? Whole-home audio can make it possible to enjoy your media both indoors and outside. You can pick up your episode or book right where you left off indoors and then listen outdoors – and then continue to listen in any area of your home as the day goes on. Simply pause and bookmark your spot for later enjoyment!

Want to learn more about outdoor audio and a Sonance speaker system for your property? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!