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Get to Know myRoom: Lutron’s Guestroom Solution

Impress Guests at Your Hotel or Resort with Lutron Lighting Control

Get to Know myRoom: Lutron’s Guestroom Solution

Whether they're hanging out at home or on a luxurious family vacation in a Honolulu, HI resort, today's consumers expect the convenience of smart technology. Integrated controls offer convenience and higher levels of comfort. Hotels can stand out by providing simple, intuitive control of standard comfort technologies like lighting, shading, and thermostat with Lutron lighting control and myRoom, a guestroom solution.

We're Hawai`i's leader in hospitality technology solutions, and we want to help you bring your business into the 21st century. If you're interested in learning more about myRoom, keep reading on below.


What Is myRoom?

Lutron myRoom is a guestroom system designed to simplify with comfort technology. The system helps your hotel or resort save money by reducing the interaction that the guests have with the technology while maintaining comfortable settings in each room. The system is available in two tiers, myRoom Prime and myRoom Plus so that you can offer top-notch benefits your guests love.

Prime is the basic system, comprised of on-wall panels for lights, shading control, and thermostat as well as occupancy sensors that determine when guests arrive and leave. When they walk into the room, the lights automatically turn on to the "Welcome" setting, and the thermostat lowers the temperature. When they leave, lights turn off, and the thermostat returns to a higher setting. Guests also have the option to change the settings for their comfort manually.

Plus offers the same standard controls as Prime, plus options to integrate with other systems. Occupancy sensors can integrate with electronic locks to activate the system as soon as the guest opens the door. Sensors on the window will prompt the thermostat to adjust when opened. And management can make adjustments to the system via an interactive interface called myRoom Vue, available for smartphones and tablets.

How myRoom Works

A myRoom system consists of wall-mounted controls for lighting and shading, as well as a wall-mounted thermostat. The dimmers and thermostat are Lutron Palladiom QS designs, meaning they’re built to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Featuring large buttons and the option for custom engraving, the LED-backlit dimmers simplify adjusting lighting scenes for guests. The thermostat offers an easy-to-read display that shows the exact temperature and target temperature of the room.

Shades can be controlled from both the on-wall switch and through a slight tug on the fabric. When pulled by the guest, the motor will automatically take over and close the shade.

At Blueprint, we’ve been recognized by Lutron as a Lutron Hospitality Technology Integrator. We aim to bring our expertise to your hospitality establishment. If you want to upgrade your guestrooms with integrated technology solutions, click here.