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How Can an Outdoor Speaker System Elevate Your Hotel or Resort?

And Some Common Areas Where It Will Work Best

How Can an Outdoor Speaker System Elevate Your Hotel or Resort?

Music is an essential part of any hospitality space. It can help your guests relax, encourage their spending habits, and make them feel welcome.

So, how can you bring that level of comfort to your entire hotel and resort; and not just to your indoor spaces but throughout your outdoor common areas, as well? The solution is through a complete outdoor audio installation.

At Blueprint, our team of audio experts is here to provide your Honolulu-area hotel or resort with an outdoor speaker system that elevates the experience for all of your guests.

In this blog, we'll show you why it's crucial to install an outdoor audio system at your hotel or resort and some of the locations where you can get the most out of your setup. Keep reading to learn more.

Restaurants and Bars

Music is enticing to most people and can be implemented strategically to help influence their behavior. That’s especially true of your resort’s outdoor restaurants and bars: Playing the right music with the right equipment can help you retain customers for longer periods and prompt them to continue ordering throughout the day.

According to MotiveMetrics, everything from the volume to the tempo, and even the genre of the music you select can have an impact on what people buy. For instance, younger customers may prefer louder, faster music. As they get older, they may prefer more mid-tempo ambient music for a pleasant stay at your eatery.

Not only that, but the genre can also influence the type of cuisine eaters select. So, depending on the style of the menu, you may want to adjust your playlist. Easy control options are available to choose the best streaming service and playlist. We can design a control system that’s easy to access for any member of your staff so you can define the right feel for the space in real-time.

Of course, we use only dedicated outdoor speaker systems that are designed to withstand the Hawai`i elements; exclusively installing equipment that is resistant to rain, heat, wind and insects for year-round performance.

Pool Areas and Walkways

Speaker placement doesn’t have to be centralized to your restaurants. A/V distribution means you can stream ambient music throughout your resort, including walkways and pool areas.

Streaming to these areas will help keep a sense of continuity throughout the entire resort while assisting guests in feeling oriented and relaxed throughout their stay. Satellite or rock speaker solutions, as well as in-ground subwoofers, hide the components within your landscape to offer clear audio without visible gear.

Additionally, underwater speakers can add a touch of elegance to your pool. Visitors can enjoy the same sounds while taking a dip. The result is a continuous sense of luxury.

Work with a Technology Professional

Outdoor speaker technology continues to change at a rapid pace. That means you need a local installation partner who can help guide you to the right solutions.

Whether you want to install a speaker system for your outdoor bar or one that can provide coverage for your resort’s entire outdoor spaces, our team at Blueprint is here to help design and install the perfect system for your needs.

Want to learn more about our custom outdoor speaker system services? Click here to contact us today, chat live with us below or give us a call at 808.797.3200 right now!

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