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Human-Centric Lighting to Illuminate Your Workspace

Ketra Natural Lighting Promotes a Welcoming Environment

Human-Centric Lighting to Illuminate Your Workspace

Your workspace atmosphere impacts your employees daily. So, if your Honolulu office environment isn’t one that fosters productivity and collaboration, everyone will start to notice. For a place to set a motivating mood, it needs to feel and look great; and that can start with your lighting design.

Human-centric lighting doesn’t solely focus on elevating your Hawai`i office space’s visuals and aesthetics; it also gives your employees a boost both in mind and body. But how exactly? Read on below to find out more about these tunable lighting solutions and how they can benefit your company building.

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What is Human-Centric Lighting?

Human-centric lighting, or tunable white lighting, is lighting that’s designed for you and your wellness in mind. When you stay indoors for the majority of the day, your circadian rhythm can get thrown off balance. Without the natural sunlight to guide your mind and body, you’ll start to feel sluggish and tired, even in the middle of the workday. As your employees stay inside at their desks, their fatigue can begin to have an impact on their productivity and overall happiness.

That’s why human-centric lighting is so crucial. It brings that warmth and brilliance of the sun’s natural rays into your own office building and rejuvenates everyone inside.

How It Can Benefit Your Workplace

What does all this mean for your company’s wellness and performance? Happier employees will feel more motivated and energized day in and day out. Human-centric lighting solutions from Lutron’s Ketra will get them there.

With lighting features in place that mimic the sun’s intensity and color, everyone will experience glowing, warmer tones at the beginning of the day and towards the end – either reflecting the sunrise or sunset. This helps get employees ready for the day or wind them down as they begin to close down and head home.

During the day, bluer white lighting promotes productivity and keeps the energy flowing during that optimal time – especially when most find themselves falling into a tired slump midday. When you can stay alert and productive during the day and have a more rested night, you’ll start the cycle over again every morning. This leads to better moods, energized attitudes, and improved health overall, both mentally and physically.

That’s what human-centric lighting brings to the table. Ketra even offers millions of colors and white lighting shades to choose from so you can customize and cater your space to everyone’s preferences. For the best lighting solutions, you need a brand you can trust and one that is both efficient and effective. Combined with Lutron’s innovative shading systems, Ketra provides lighting solutions that can enhance your whole office and set it up for success.

Add brilliance to your workday right now! Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us to find out more about Ketra and human-centric lighting. We’d love to hear from you.