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Incredible Video Conferencing Solutions for Your Office

Crestron Flex Simplifies Your Boardroom

Incredible Video Conferencing Solutions for Your Office

No matter how big or small your Honolulu company might be, miscommunications and confusion are surely abound. Ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and in constant communication can often be a challenge. But with the right boardroom setups and video conferencing solutions, you can guarantee that your entire Hawai`i office can stay connected – no matter where each employee is located.

Crestron Flex offers conference room technologies and products that make every meeting and session a breeze for everyone involved. Want to learn more? Keep reading on below.

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Customized for Your Boardroom Size

No matter the design of your conference room, Crestron Flex systems can accommodate and elevate the space into a dedicated place for collaboration and communication – for those in the room and beyond. For smaller or medium-sized rooms, Crestron offers tabletop conferencing and smart soundbars to keep you in control of the room and makes device management hassle-free.

For larger or custom spaces, tabletop conferencing with mic pods allows the speaker’s voice to be heard by everyone in the room – and those on the other side of the screen. An integrator kit keeps every part of your system completely in sync, allowing your high-end audio and video display to work together to deliver crystal-clear sound and stunning visuals.

One-Touch Start

Never delay getting a meeting or presentation started. Crestron Flex aims to be a simplified boardroom experience – there is nothing overly complicated about its setup, and there’s no learning curve to overcome in order to get started. Simply connect your own devices and press a button to either begin presenting or to pull up a video call with others in the company, both near and far.

Adding products to the system is easy and also cost-effective. Crestron Flex provides flexibility and efficiency for all. Now having remote employees at home, across town in another building, or even on the other side of the world won’t prevent anyone on the team from staying in contact and communicating daily.

Top-Notch Performance with Any Platform

You’ll also have your choice on what video call platform to use throughout office communications. Crestron Flex can have Microsoft Teams and Zoom built-in and integrated into your system, which makes using either for a new video call quick and simple.

Want to use another platform of your preference? Via your USB-connected laptop, you can utilize any popular video conferencing platform that you want in an instant. That’s the reliability and flexibility of Crestron Flex.

Want to learn more about Crestron Flex video conferencing solutions plus everything a system can do for your boardroom and office? Give our team at Blueprint a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!