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Let It Be the Year for Electric Shades in Your Hawai`i Home

Shine light into your Honolulu home with the help of this innovative home interior solution

Let It Be the Year for Electric Shades in Your Hawaii Home

Every year, homeowners make plans to upgrade their interior design to a more modern and sleeker theme. How are your home design upgrades coming along so far this year?

At Blueprint, we work with a variety of technology solutions that we incorporate into our Honolulu clients’ homes. Electric shades serve as a cornerstone of smart home innovation because not only are they functional, but they’re stylish as well!

Keep reading to learn why 2020 is the year you should install electric shades in your Hawai`i home. We’ll cover a few of the big trends in motorized window treatments this year.

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Luxury Fabrics

Luxury fabric options from Hartmann & Forbes to Lutron to Conrad Shades are an exciting aspect of electric shades that go far beyond the convenience of raising and lowering shades with the tap of a button. Premium, artisanal natural woven fabrics are made to order for your home, so that you can bring the island feeling indoors, seamlessly.

Besides natural fiber options, sheers and blackout fabrics are also available. With sheer fabrics, you can create a soft and airy feeling. Open the vanes of sheer blinds to allow diffused sunlight into your home. You can also darken rooms with blackout shades that obstruct sunlight. Blackout shades are perfect for bedrooms or home theater spaces where you’d prefer very little light to enter the room at specific times.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Because natural bamboo and grass fabrics are sustainable, you can rest easy knowing that you are bringing eco-friendly products into your Honolulu home, and — in the case of Hartmann & Forbes — are supporting local craftsmen.

Programming your electric shades to operate at key points of the day can also help you save on your energy costs. During the sunniest times of day, you can program the shades of your westward-facing windows to lower in order to reduce annoying glare and heat from entering your home.

Smart Automation

Adding motors to your shades is just the beginning. Adding your electric shades and window treatments to a comprehensive smart home control system takes your luxury designed fabrics to a whole new level.

Your electric shades can operate with the tap of a button on a wall keypad, remote, or smart device app. You can even program scenes to operate while you’re away on vacation. With Control4’s Mockupancy feature, your electric shades can work in tandem with your lighting control system to simulate occupancy, which deters thieves from entering your home.

Blueprint offers stylish and luxurious technology solutions to our clients’ homes, and we can’t wait to show you the opportunities available with electric shades. If you’d like to take the plunge this year and upgrade your Hawai`i home, call us today at (808) 797-3200, chat with us below or fill out our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you.