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Network Upgrades Keep Your Hawaiian Home Running Smoothly

Presentations, Homework & Entertainment Are All Improved with the Proper Networking Setup

Network Upgrades Keep Your Hawaiian Home Running Smoothly

Staying connected has never been easier, that is, as long as you have the proper tools. Practically everything we do these days requires a certain level of connectivity, from our smartwatches and tablets to our security alarms and home control systems.

A new or expanded home network supports the speed and security of all the connected devices in your Honolulu-area home and leaves your family communicating better than ever before. Keep reading below to learn how network upgrades can improve your modern Hawaiian lifestyle.

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Stay Connected Outdoors

Most homeowners enjoy spending time in their backyard and patio spaces practically all year. Even if you designate your outdoor spaces as no-cellphone zones, you still need a strong network connection to keep your outdoor AV system playing music and streaming movies without skips and buffering symbols. With the addition of strategically placed wireless access points and wired connections, your outdoor kitchen, pool house, and gazebo can offer entertainment no matter the weather.

Smart Home System

Automated shades, custom home theaters, and smart lighting all need a network connection to run seamlessly in your day-to-day lifestyle. Configuring a network requires more than simply plugging in a new router and setting up a password. Intelligently designating network traffic into appropriate slow and fast “lanes” ensures devices have the required bandwidth to operate properly no matter the time or location. With the tap of a button, your lights can turn on, shades lower, and the security system arms itself without delays.

An Upgrade for Everyone

Upgrading your network goes beyond improving your outdoor areas and home automation experience. Your daily lifestyle is elevated, too! If the kids are streaming fun YouTube videos, you shouldn’t worry about an important client presentation losing connection while working remotely in the home office.

At the end of the day, while you and your partner are relaxing in the media room, the kids and their friends can hang out upstairs playing Xbox Live with no lag or connection dropouts. Every device connects, stays connected, and works to its peak performance level with a new or upgraded home network.

If you want a faster, more reliable internet connection, contact Blueprint today! We’re the leading networking, AV, and automation specialist in the Hawaiian Islands.
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