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Promote Efficiency in Your Next Meeting with the Unifi Huddle

Salamander Technical Furniture Helps Streamline Communications

Promote Efficiency in Your Next Meeting with the Unifi Huddle

Meetings at your Honolulu company can potentially get derailed for many reasons. When technology doesn’t want to cooperate, those in the meeting can get distracted or pulled into other directions. This can happen in large gatherings – but what about for smaller sessions?

Though it might seem easier to keep fewer people on track and focused on the topic at hand, these smaller meetings still deserve high-end conference room technology to create an efficient and productive consultation.

The Unifi Huddle from Salamander is the ultimate smart commercial setup to streamline your upcoming brainstorm or project meeting with a handful of employees. Learn more about this unified communication technology for your Hawai`i workplace by reading on below.

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A Perfectly Simplistic and Innovative Setup

The Salamander Unifi Huddle creates an organized, compact space for conference room solutions to integrate and work together seamlessly – and be readily accessible for you and your employees! You might frequently consider more commercial AV and automated solutions for your workspace but need that designated space for smaller, more intimate meetings and sessions.

The Unifi Huddle makes integrating these various technologies a breeze. As a mounted table setup, this solution effortlessly unifies your AV products and other components into one condensed yet comprehensive design.

Top-Notch Setup in a Compact Space

With a boat-shape table focusing in and facing towards a visual display mount that provides an optimum camera field of view, your Unifi Huddle will completely simplify hosting meetings for two to five employees in a smaller space.

Easily installed and set up, this solution can be moved to a new room or location without any hassle if needed. Every part of its setup and build is modifiable to what you and your employees need it to be. Adjustable display mount, under-table storage base, inside cabinet storage, and easy-access cable management through the cabinet delivers an all-inclusive configuration that’s perfectly fit for your next meeting.

Its video conference features make mounting a display, setting up cameras and speakers, and putting additional technologies in place a seamless operation. You’ll find connection ports of all types that can be placed all over the Unifi Huddle – from the cabinet to the table itself! Made from sleek, premium-quality materials, this high-end product lets you custom create a mini-conference room setup that will benefit your entire workplace.

Want to learn more about this unified communication technology? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you and assist you on your commercial installation!