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Set the Bar Higher with a Custom Home Theater Installation

Learn How You Can Bring a Whole New Cinema Experience to Your Hawai`i Home

Set the Bar Higher with a Custom Home Theater Installation

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, movie ticket sales were dwindling. According to the National Association of Theater Owners, 2019 was one of the worst years for movie ticket buying since 1995.

With expansive streaming and many theaters shut down for an unknown period, Hawaiian homeowners have begun considering the incorporation of personal home theaters. A home theater installation provides a luxury movie-watching experience from the comfort of your very own Kona home.

Read below to learn how you can transcend the traditional cineplex atmosphere and incorporate a personal home theater into your living space.

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Why Would I Need a Home Theater?

The home theater is an entertainment escape – something we could all use a little more of right now. It lets you remove yourself from the worries of the outside world and immerse yourself into the stories and timelines created by talented moviemakers. From lighting and design to sound and seating, a theater installation provides everything you need among the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Plus, there’s the bonus of enjoying its many benefits with your entire family.

The Traditional Cinema Experience

The modern movie theater can be fun, but it’s not the most luxurious experience. Large crowds, high ticket prices, and sticky floors from spilled sodas and candy are all tradeoffs when we don’t have a personal home theater. Not to mention, the audio and video quality are typically middle-of-the-road unless you are lucky to have a high-end cineplex nearby.

The High-End Theater Experience

Home theaters are crafted to recreate the post-production movie watching experience, with an incredibly engineered audio and video environment that incorporates both acoustics and aesthetics. At Blueprint, we partner with two home theater experience brands to bring you the best installation possible.

Paradise Theater brings “Experience nonpareil” or an unrivaled, with no match or equal, to its designs, and offers distinctive and unique experiences. Starting with functional concept designs, our technicians will then walk you through the design development and construction stages to ensure your theater is calibrated to perfection.

Bel Air Cinema is another private theater installation brand that we utilize in our Hawai`i clients’ homes. The platform offers the highest theatrical quality, including IMAX and Samsung Onyx LED formats, and features a concierge service guaranteed to find cinematic masterpieces for your viewing pleasure. DCI-compliant playout equipment ensures awe-inspiring movie immersion in your Kona home theater. DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) was created as a venture between the large Hollywood studios – Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Universal – to establish architectural specifications for uniform technical performance and reliability.

Neither Bel Air Cinema nor Paradise Theaters are cookie-cutter solutions, and we at Blueprint will ensure you’re satisfied with your new or retrofitted home cinema experience.

Perfection in Your Own Home

Contact Blueprint now to discuss what a luxury home theater installation can bring to your living space. We can’t wait to provide you with an entertainment oasis in your Kona home.