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There’s a New Voice Control Assistant on the Playing Field!

Learn How Works Beautifully with Lutron Control Systems

There’s a New Voice Control Assistant on the Playing Field!

Imagine having your Kona-area home respond to your needs and wants. Turning lights on, arming the alarm system, raising motorized shades, and starting a movie marathon can be a simple command away. There’s no need for digging in the couch cushions to find the remote or losing your comfortable spot on the sofa to dim the lights when you incorporate a voice control system

Many homeowners have heard of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, but there’s another voice assistant on the market that’s making a splash in the Hawaiian waters. It’s Josh. Keep reading below to learn more about the and Lutron partnership and why we’re so excited.

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A Beautiful, Functional Combination

At the end of August 2021, and Lutron announced a dynamic partnership to revolutionize voice commands and lighting control. We can now integrate Lutron’s stylish wall plates from the Palladiom and Claro lines with the incredible functionality of the Josh voice control platform. The beauty of Lutron married with the privacy-focused voice assistant Josh not only looks fantastic, but it’s also game-changing.

Josh Is Here to Stay

Though is new to the voice assistant roster, it’s been making waves because it is quite different from the other systems available to homeowners. The Josh Micro and Nano offer in-room microphones with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and a small footprint. Memorizing robotic commands isn’t necessary with natural language recognition, and with the physical disconnect switch, you can rest easy knowing you’ve turned the microphone off. Whatever you say behind closed doors stays there!

The Experience

Integrating Josh with a powerful Lutron system brings the power of your smart home to your voice – or fingertips! You’ll be able to raise and lower shades, dim and brighten lighting, and change the color temperature of lighting throughout your home with Ketra. You’ll experience hands-free control in any room, and Josh will even know which room you’re located in as well! Saying, “Hey Josh, dim the lights,” in the living room will produce a different response than saying the same phrase in the bedroom. 

Saying, “Josh, good morning,” initiates a whole-home response. Lights gradually brighten with a cool white tone to help you perk up, shades rise to filter in natural sunlight, and the weather for the day plays over your speaker system. Your Hawaiian home will truly work for you with a simple voice command. And if you’re already up and moving around, tap the Lutron keypad for an immediate response instead of using a voice command. You’ve got options now with Lutron and Josh.

To bring the incredible functionality of a voice control system to your Kona home, connect with us using our contact form to start a conversation about Josh. We can’t wait to hear from you – and neither can Josh!

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