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What Can a Lighting Control System Do for My Home?

Learn How to Manage Your Lights, Shades and More with Intuitive Control Options

What Can a Lighting Control System Do for My Home?

Lights go hand-in-hand with other devices and smart solutions inside your Hawai`i home, such as security systems and motorized shades. All these devices work in symphony with one another to add to your design aesthetic, help protect your family, and illuminate your daily activities.

Read on to learn how lighting control systems can help you manage and operate not only the lights on your Big Island property but other smart technologies as well!

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Human-Centric Lighting

Ketra lighting makes it possible to pre-schedule your interior lighting to shift color temperature throughout the day. This means that the lights in your Big Island home are a cool white to energize you in the morning, and they will shift to a warm, amber glow that resembles the sun setting in the evenings. These smart lighting shifts mimic the natural color changes that occur outdoors as the sun makes its arc across the sky, supporting your natural, biological rhythms. 

Lighting control systems let you automate lights to turn on, off, dim, or brighten them, or adjust fixtures on the fly with a simple tap of a button. This means you literally have the power of light at your fingertips.

Home Protection 

Whether you’re going to bed in the evening or leaving home for a quick vacation getaway, being able to protect your home is essential. With smart home control, you can integrate lighting and security systems to work together and better protect your family. 

For example, you can initiate the ‘Goodnight’ smart scene to arm the alarm system, turn off interior lights, and turn on outside landscape lighting. Plus, landscape lighting not only adds curb appeal to your Hawai`i home, but it makes potential burglars think twice before approaching a well-lit home compared to a poorly illuminated residence. 

Automated Shading

It’s always a good idea to utilize sun power to warm your interior living spaces, but if the room becomes too warm or bright, you can easily lower shades to reduce heat gain and glare. Add temperature sensors to your windows, and motorized window treatments will raise and lower as the room’s temperature shifts, ensuring your HVAC system is not working too hard unnecessarily. 

As shades rise, lights can turn off or dim; as shades lower, lights can turn on or brighten. Lighting control can make your daily lifestyle feel more luxurious and comfortable without hassles or complications.


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