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Articles tagged with: Guest Services

Explore the Possibilities a Guest Room Management System Brings

Improve the Hospitality Experience with Lutron myRoom

Explore the Possibilities a Guest Room Management System Brings

The hospitality industry makes the world go ‘round. Without it, the tourism industry would not flourish, and guests would lose out on many experiences without guides. Hotels specifically require incredible attention to detail in order to create a home-away-from-home experience that is both relaxing and jaw-dropping. This is where utilizing new technology solutions in your Honolulu hotel can help you become a better hotelier.

Guest room management systems can bring an exciting layer of automation to your Hawaiian hotel. Whole-building and room-only management are available with just the tap of a button. One of our favorite brands, Lutron, has a myRoom system that has helped change the hotel industry.

Read on below to learn more about Lutron myRoom features and discover why this solution just may be the perfect fit for your business.

Reduce Costs & Streamline Productivity with Green Energy Solutions

3 Room Management Systems that Improve the Guest Experience

Reduce Costs & Streamline Productivity with Green Energy Solutions

The recent issues concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions have dramatically changed every industry in the country, and, undoubtedly, the world. The tourism and hospitality industry, in particular, are hard hit during this time, and Honolulu businesses are feeling the pinch. One silver lining to the issues affecting Hawaiian business owners is that this is an opportunity for reflection and planning for a secure future.

While none of us desired this slow time, it is a chance for island hoteliers to look into innovative ways to shrink costs while also increasing future guest satisfaction. Green energy solutions and room management systems can assist managers in streamlining workflows while also reducing the bottom line and encouraging guest loyalty.

Read on to learn more about these innovative hotel solutions.