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Articles tagged with: Home Theater Design

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Have a Home Cinema

The Best Home Theater Upgrades to Elevate Your Viewing Experiences Further

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Have a Home Cinema

As the world continues to stay inside, now is the perfect time to make your Hawai`i home the coziest, most inviting place to be. And it’s never been a more optimal time to enjoy your smart home systems – and your custom home theater!

You can take even more advantage of your home cinema with impressive home theater upgrades. Make the most of new streaming media content and host the ultimate movie night with your family every day of the week!

Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

Bring the Luxurious, High-End Home Theater Experience to Your Living Space

Team Up with Blueprint to Enjoy the Benefits of Stunning AV & Bel Air Cinema

Bring the Luxurious, High-End Home Theater Experience to Your Living Space

The home theater experience shouldn’t match the one you find in your favorite local cinema – it should surpass it entirely. Imagine a luxurious and inviting entertainment space in your own Kaua’i home that produces a high-end viewing setting, unlike anything you’ve seen and heard before.

If you’re a true filmgoer or maybe the family movie critic, then you’re likely to seek out those early-release films or head straight to the local theater when a new blockbuster hits the screens. Now more than ever is the perfect time to have a private, personalized theater in your Hawai`i home that not only creates the ultimate screening environment but also lets you be the first to see the latest films.

Want to learn how a home theater installation from Blueprint can bring the best of commercial theaters to your living space and elevate the experience tenfold? Keep reading below to find out how you can be first in line to see the most anticipated theatrical releases.

Best Home Projectors and Screens of 2020

Media Solutions to Heighten Your Movie Night Experience

Best Home Projectors and Screens of 2020

Right now, you might be aching for that cinematic experience in your local theater in Hawai`i. But staying indoors doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that movie theater atmosphere. In fact, your own home can kick that desired ambiance up a notch for any movie night or TV show binge.

With the right setup and AV solutions, you’ll feel your couch shake and your Honolulu home transform into the setting on-screen. A truly visually stunning showcase starts with your media room or theater’s screen. While flat screens are popular, there’s nothing quite as cinematic as a rolldown projector and screen that displays your entertainment with style and high-quality resolution.

Below, we highlight some of the best screens and projectors of 2020, and how these innovative technologies can elevate your whole media center. In this blog, we’ll specifically dive into Screen Innovations’ screens and what they bring to the table.

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