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Blueprint's Service Features

Support App

The quick help you need is just a tap away with our support app that covers tips and tricks for basic technology hiccups.

Annual Tech Reviews

30 days prior to your support plan renewal we review your technology with an on-site check up and inform you of any needed repairs or system upgrade options.

Turndown Service
Pre-arrival the Blueprint team comes on-site to check all systems so they're functioning optimally for a seamless warm welcome.

Annual System Updates
Rest assured that the performance, stability and efficiency of your system is always up to date and void of potential security flaws.

Preventative System Monitoring
Our remote monitoring staff ensures your system is always running smoothly and resolves potential problems before they happen.

Smart Home 24/7 Support

Our people are your people, no matter the time or day. We make sure you receive the best value around the clock with our smart home 24/7 remote support plan.

Great Service Makes All the Difference


  • Clients call personal cell phones
  • Unreliable, inconsistent results
  • One size fits all solutions
  • An exercise in damage control and “putting out fires”

Blueprint’s Service

  • 24/7 remote support: via dedicated phone, email, and chat resources

  • Software based service ticket tracking to ensure responsiveness

  • Proactive remote monitoring of systems

  • Optional regularly scheduled preventative care visits

  • Optional turn-down service ensures systems are optimal prior to arrival

Our Support Options

Basic Support Resources

per month

Available during normal business hours, excluding national holidays.
Monday - Friday 8AM- 4PM

Premium Support Plan


per year

A premium suite of resources to ensure you have the right help when you need it and a remote monitoring platform to maximize system uptime.

Dedicated access to 24/7 remote support team via phone, email or chat

Proactive monitoring of your systems via Ovrc remote support platform

Organized service ticket tracking and escalation handling through Zendesk service platform

Client support app allows you to quickly reboot system without touching equipment.

Annual Tech Review 30 days prior to plan renewal to review system health

Preventative Program*


per month

Keep your systems running in optimal health with our monthly maintenance program.

Onsite Technician for 2 hours per month at a 20% discounted service rate

Full test of all system functions to identify any issues

Equipment firmware updating as needed

Surface cleaning of user interfaces and equipment ventilation systems

Battery recharging or replacement

Additional training for family, staff, or new team members

10% off all service labor while enrolled in Blueprint’s preventative maintenance program

*12 month minimum / Must have active Premium Support Plan

Turn Down Service*


per visit

Ensure your systems are ready for your arrival by scheduling a turn down service visit.

4 hour technician visit

Full test of all system functions and repair of any issues not requiring new equipment

Equipment firmware updating as needed

Surface cleaning of user interfaces and equipment ventilation systems

Battery recharging or replacement

*Must have active Premium Support Plan

Basic Support Resources

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.

Support Chat

Click on our live chat in the bottom right corner of this page.

Email Support

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone Support

Phone: 808-797-3200 ext. 1